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Technical center

Technical center of "Alista"

The structure of "Alista" was created and Technology Center, where experts will provide you with prompt and professional assistance in the following areas:


Technical Center of the Trading House "Alista" guarantees you will not only supply the equipment, but his full support throughout the life cycle.

The package includes support services such as:
• Commissioning
Routine work
• Provide warranty
Post-warranty work
• Work with Complaints


Technological support of production:
• Development of technological processes of cutting;
• Development of production methods and leaf-profileobrabotki;
• Development of welding processes;
• Develop a process timber;
Development of technologies for specific types of treatment;
• Selection of high-performance cutting tools;
Calculation and selection of efficient cutting conditions;

Engineering support of production:
• Design of tooling;
• Design of injection equipment;
• Design of molds;
• Design of devices and tools;
• Design of mechanization and automation of production;
Services for writing programs:
• Programming the processing on machine tools;
• Programming of treatment on bending machines, CNC punch presses, jig, cutting machines (including 3D);

Development of production technology of the production program of the customer;
Selection of equipment, accessories and tools;
The timing of processing, utilization of equipment, cost of goods, the calculation of the required reserves instrument;
• Selection, design and rationale of mechanization and automation of production;
Supply of equipment, tools and accessories;
• Installation and commissioning of equipment, practice management programs, selection of the cutting;
Service and maintenance of equipment;
Education and counseling.


Major repairs of equipment:
Full disassembly and defektirovka machine.
• Repair or replace all worn parts (power of kinematic chains, bearing units).
• Modernization of the mechanical part of the machine (replacing the drive system screw-nut ballscrews on, the installation of drive motors, measurement systems, hydro working pressure, lubrication, etc.).
• Restoration of basic surfaces (disassembly-assembly site, scouring, grinding, lapping, etc.).
Repair and replacement of hydraulic equipment.
Painting and assembly.
A complete test of the mechanics of the machine specifications.
• Carrying out tests on technological standards of accuracy and delivery to the customer.
• Providing after-sales service.

Modernization of electrical machines:
Technical inspection of electrical machines;
• Preparation of punch list;
• Preparation of cost estimates;
• Development of technical documentation;
• Develop a program logic control PLCstankom and equipment;
• Design drawings of designs for the installation of new electric motors;
Acquisition of new equipment;
Manufacture and installation of the transitional plates and half couplings, pulley GP;
• Installation of electrical control cabinet and the machine (electrical work carried out under requirements of regulatory documents);
• Check the operation of the circuit of the machine;
Adjusting the feed drives and main motion, the parametrization of drives for optimum performance;
Commissioning of the machine and maintenance personnel training